NJB Hoofcare The Latest In Cattle Foot Trimming and Hoofcare for Taunton, Somerset

This lovely place is a farm I visit routinely every 6 weeks for routine mobility assessment and preventative trimming. Whilst cleaning down after my latest visit the farmer informed me that his lameness has reduced to the point that in between the last visit and today he hasn't had to treat one cow! This is living proof the preventative foot trimming schedule is a worthy investment that saves farmers money and keeps cows happy! It doesn't get better than that!

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This month, our training course in Bodmin, Cornwall was so well subscribed that it became two, one day courses to keep the trainer to trainee ratio suitably low.

The one-day, herdsman course focuses on routine observation, prevention and treatment of the most common causes of lameness in cattle.

The practical, hands on sessions cover all aspects of basic trimming as well as the use, care and maintenance of equipment. As you can see from the number of smiling faces in the group, these courses are also a lot of fun in a low pressure environment that encourages attendees to take part and get the most from their day.

For future training courses, keep an eye on our calendar page, or call us to arrange a coaching visit to your farm.

Image of hoof-trimming-course-cornwall-001.jpg 2019-08-30 - Hoof Trimming Course in Bodmin, CornwallImage of hoof-trimming-course-cornwall-002.jpg 2019-08-30 - Hoof Trimming Course in Bodmin, CornwallImage of hoof-trimming-course-cornwall-003.jpg 2019-08-30 - Hoof Trimming Course in Bodmin, Cornwall
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