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NJB Hoofcare - Area of Operation for Weston super Mare, Somerset

The name Weston-super-Mare is made up of Saxon words meaning the west tun or settlement, and the Latin words super, meaning above, and mare, meaning sea. It is a highly popular tourist destination with all that you would expect, such as broad, sandy beaches, attractions in the shape of museums and funfairs, and regular festivals like the spectacular carnival, the sand sculpture festival and the Royal Air Force Festival.<br /><br />With the gently sloping land leading down to the sea, there is a wide range of agricultural activity surrounding Weston Super Mare too. A number of the farms have transformed themselves into tourist attractions, the best known of which is Noah's Ark. Even cattle and other cloven hoofed animals in these environments can benefit from regular prevention trimming, and some of the more unusual jobs we have been called to have been in the Weston Super Mare area. The dairy herd managers in the area still call on NJB Hoofcare for:

Photo from Featured Project near Weston super Mare
Cattle Hoof Care & Trimming

<p>Throughout South Wales and Southwest England, the following services are available from NJB Hoofcare:<ul><li>Routine hoof trimming for dairy herds</li><li>Farmers' CPD coaching</li><li>Bespoke lameness prevention packages</li><li>On-site training</li><li>Individual and group training</li><li>Consultancy herd lameness mobility scoring</li><li>Suckler beef herds, bulls</li></ul>We never forget that every herd and every farm is different, so every hoofcare programme needs to be matched to the individuals concerned.</p><h4></h4><p></p><p></p>
Cattle Hoofcare & Lameness Prevention/Correction Services Provided in:
  • Routine prevention hoof trimming for dairy herds
  • Herd lameness scoring
  • Corrective hoof trimming
  • Bespoke lameness prevention packages
  • Suckler beef herd and bul hoof trimming
  • Hoof care individual and group training
  • On-site training
  • CPD for farmers
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