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NJB Hoofcare - Area of Operation for Glastonbury, Somerset

What is history and what is legend? There are plenty of both at Glastonbury. Ancient tradition tells tales of the Isle of Avalon, the place of the dead. Glastonbury has always been associated with this mythical place and it was certainly once a sacred burial ground, followed later by a druidical college. Avalon is often associated with the Arthurian legends, so Glastonbury has long been linked with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Some legends even claim that the Holy Grail was buried here, so pagan and Christian beliefs go hand in hand.<br /><br />Myth and fact have intertwined over the years to attract visitors here, either for the sacred nature of sites, the inspsirational buildings, or the natural beauty. Glastonbury Tor was once an uninhabited island, connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, so getting there was difficult enough to make it a place of pilgrimage.<br /><br />Since then the sea has retreated to leave the land open, green and pleasant. Agriculture is now much more advanced than in the days when the Benedictine Abbey dominated the town and all the livestock had to be cared for by the monks. These days, more modern schemes of cattle care are in place, with farmers around Glastonbury, wishing to minimise lameness in cattle, call on us for:
Cattle Hoofcare & Lameness Prevention/Correction Services Provided in:
  • Routine prevention hoof trimming for dairy herds
  • Herd lameness scoring
  • Corrective hoof trimming
  • Bespoke lameness prevention packages
  • Suckler beef herd and bul hoof trimming
  • Hoof care individual and group training
  • On-site training
  • CPD for farmers
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