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NJB Hoofcare - Area of Operation for Trowbridge, Wiltshire

The county town of Wiltshire, Trowbridge has a rich history in weaving and cloth making. In the Industrial Revolution Trowbridge was described as "The Manchester of the West", and many of the newly rich cloth merchants built fine houses near the town centre. Like so many towns in Wiltshire, Trowbridge originally had its roots in agriculture, with the wool and textile industry growing out of that ready availability of fleeces. For similar reasons, Trowbridge also had a healthy leather tanning industry for many years. Since the end of the 19th century, both those industries have declined in Trowbridge and are now gone completely.

However, agriculture is still flourishing in the area, with a number of sizeable dairy herds spread out to the south of the town. The number of cattle there certainly means that we are very busy when we visit Trowbridge to provide:

Photo from Featured Project near Trowbridge
Neil explains the finer points of hoof pads to the group in Cornwall

The practical, hands on sessions cover all aspects of basic trimming as well as the use, care and maintenance of equipment. As you can see from the number of smiling faces in the group, these courses are also a lot of fun in a low pressure environment that encourages attendees to take part and get the most from their day.

For future training courses, keep an eye on our calendar page, or call us to arrange a coaching visit to your farm or group.
Cattle Hoofcare & Lameness Prevention/Correction Services Provided in:
  • Routine prevention hoof trimming for dairy herds
  • Herd lameness scoring
  • Corrective hoof trimming
  • Bespoke lameness prevention packages
  • Suckler beef herd and bul hoof trimming
  • Hoof care individual and group training
  • On-site training
  • CPD for farmers
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