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NJB Hoofcare - Useful Links in & around Whitebrook

Selected Links For: Information Sources

Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board
Government body with wide ranging information covering all aspects of cattle and herd management as well as specific sections on lameness, prevention, cure and hoof trimming.

Healthy Feet
This website aims to stimulate ideas and to facilitate the effective working together of farmers, vets and advisers.

Shepton Vets
Shepton Vets is a large independent, mixed animal practice based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, and our training partner all over the south west.

The National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers
Professional body for cattle foot trimmers, offering training, certification and a means of bringing together farmers, hoof trimmers and mobility scorers.

Register of Mobility Scorers
Lameness is an important cause of poor welfare and economic loss in the UK dairy industry. There is a need to measure lameness on individual farms to increase awareness and to be able to manage it successfully. There have been many initiatives to improve the mobility of the UK dairy herd but the lack of reliable and consistent scoring has hampered progress.

AHDB have developed a method for mobility scoring which is the industry standard in the UK and is the only methodology than can be used by members of the RoMS.

The RoMS is an independent, self-regulatory body which encourages the widespread use of standardised, independent mobility scoring conducted by trained and accredited scorers on UK dairy farms.


Selected Links For: Suppliers

The All4feet cattle foot trimming software is a recording system for today’s modern hoof trimmer. A paper-free system which is fast and simple to operate for the hoof trimmer when on farms which also allows his customers and their consultants access to vital hoof data whenever required, via the All4feet designated cloud on their computer, phone or tablet.

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